July 17, 2024
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"...Pavlechko is an imaginative musician with plenty of good ideas. He can work them out with skill and facility and can produce something that is enjoyable and meaningful..."

Russell Schulz-Widmar

"[Pavlechko's] collection contains many gems...I found myself playing many of them through over and over again, reveling in the lovely lines."

David Eicher

"Your hymnody is a new voice for the church"

Carol Doran

"...clergy and musicians...have received another gift that will be of the greatest help to them in planning for the worship of their congregations. It is Liturgical Music for the RCL."

Raymond F. Glover

St. Martin's Psalter

RADIANT CITY, Hymns & Songs of Thomas Pavlechko

WELLSPRING, More Hymns & Songs of Thomas Pavlechko

HEALING LEAVES OF GRACE, A Thomas Pavlechko Hymnary