June 22, 2024
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The Vessel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2016)
Written and Directed by Julio Quintana
Music by Hanan Townshend
Organist: Thomas Pavlechko

Knight of Cups (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2015)
Written and Directed by Terrence Malick
Music by Hanan Townshend
Organist: Thomas Pavlechko

American Voices (2014)
The University of Texas at Austin Trombone Choir
Nathaniel O. Brickens, Director.

Track 05: Fanfare for Trombones, Organ and Percussion, Thomas Pavlechko
Level: Medium
Duration: 4:00
Use: General. Can be applied to Advent/Christmas due to the ground on the chorale, Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Savior of the Nations, Come)

Sheet Music: Available in CATALOG in the BRASS category and TROMBONE sub-category.
To The Wonder (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2012)
Written and Directed by Terrence Malick
Music by Hanan Townsend
Organist: Thomas Pavlechko

Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Liturgies, Audio Edition (2006)
A demonstrative recording of the new liturgical settings, as sung and recorded by the Seminary Choir at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Holy Communion Setting One is played and conducted by the composers, Mark Mummert, Robert Buckley Farlee, and Thomas Pavlechko.

Recorded February, 2006.
Music from St. Martin's, Austin (2006)
The 1999-2000 Musical Ensembles of St. Martin's Lutheran Church, Austin Texas:
St. Martin's Choir
St. Martin's Ringers
Reformation Band & Reformation Choir
St. Martin's Choristers & Children's Choir
St. Martin's Symphonic Winds & Brass Choir

Recorded 1999-2000. Released 2006.
Our Dancing Day (2003)
John Ayer, founding director of the Memphis BoyChoir and Memphis Chamber Choir, leads the ensembles in their final CD recording under his direction. Kristin Lensch is organ accompanist in this 66-minute program of works displaying a refined musical culture and the Anglican choral tradition.

ProOrgano, Item 7169

Track 11: Sleep, Holy Child, Thomas Pavlechko
Text: Ruth Duck
Use: Christmas, Epiphany
Level: Easy, Medium
Duration 3:20

Recorded by the Memphis Chamber Choir and BoyChoir
John Ayer, Director; Kristen Lensch, Organist
Released 2003

Octavo: Selah Publishing, 405-274, © 2003
Known & Unknown, Things Done and Left Undone (2002)
The Calvary Choir of Calvary Episcopal Church, Memphis, Tennessee
Thomas Pavlechko, Choirmaster
Sumner Jenkins, Organist

Recorded May, 2002, St. Mary's Cathedral, Memphis